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MI Suspends License for Illegal Cannabis Production

Michigan Revokes a Processor’s License for Illegal Marijuana Manufacturing

The medical and adult-use cannabis licenses of TAS Asset Holdings have been taken away by the state of Michigan. This is because the company’s products were mixed with unregulated cannabis before being sold on the regulated market, according to a report by Ganjapreneur.

The affected items were sold under the brand name “Fwaygo Extracts” and were made between November 10 and 17, 2022.

Executive Director of the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) Brian Hanna said that regulators want TAS’ licenses to be taken away.

The CRA’s formal complaints say that on September 16, 2022, two packages of vape cartridges failed safety compliance testing for Bifenthrin, a chemical that can’t be used in Michigan’s regulated cannabis market. However, both packages had passed full safety compliance testing with no Bifenthrin found before they were sent to TAS and processed.

The CRA looked into why the safety compliance test failed, and video surveillance showed that the product used to make the vape cartridges was not the same product listed in Metrc that had passed compliance testing. The CRA said that the product used to make the vape cartridges had not been processed or put into Metrc as part of the regulated market.

During the investigation, CRA staff noticed that many parts of the business were dirty and cluttered, and that there were containers of waste and cannabis that were leaking. Investigators from the CRA also said that the licensed business was using a warehouse that wasn’t approved or licensed. In the unapproved warehouse, they found flower, distillate, concentrates, and THCa powder that didn’t have tags. CRA investigators also found three plastic-wrapped barrels of an unknown substance, two black totes of an unknown substance, and several mason jars of oil. The CRA said there were no surveillance cameras in the unapproved room and that none of the cannabis products found there had Metrc tags.

There were 23 rules that TAS didn’t follow.

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