Mexico Issues First Cannabis Cultivation License

Mexico Grants the First Cultivation License for Cannabis

Mexico’s government granted its first-ever license for cannabis cultivation to Xebra Brands. The landmark ruling from the Mexican Health Regulatory Agency allows Xebra to import and acquire seeds, cultivate and harvest cannabis, process and produce cannabis, and sell products both domestically and through export.

This licensing comes two years after the Mexico Supreme Court ruled that cannabis prohibition was unconstitutional – a ruling which lead to the passage of major reforms by federal lawmakers, according to a statement released by Ganjapreneur.

In a press release, Jay Garnett, CEO of Xebra Brands said: “This grant represents an important moment for cannabis globally as it is the first ever grant for full cultivation, harvesting and processing activities granted to a corporate entity in Mexico.” He added that this milestone paves the way for further growth opportunities in the form of potential partnerships with stakeholders.

In 2021, Mexico’s Supreme Court voted unanimously to grant Xebra an irrevocable injunction authorizing it to commercialize cannabis products containing less than 1% THC; the authorizations are subject to various safety protocols and inspection requirements.

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