Senate of Kentucky Approves Medicinal Cannabis Bill

Senate of Kentucky Approves Medicinal Cannabis Bill

WYMT says that the Kentucky Senate passed a medical cannabis bill with a vote of 26-11. The bill will now go to the House. In the past, the House has passed medical cannabis reforms, but they died in the Senate.

Patients would not be able to get smoking products, but they would be able to get edibles and concentrates. If the Senate passes the bill and Democratic Governor Andy Beshear signs it into law, it would go into effect on January 1, according to a report by Ganjapreneur.

Beshear has made legalizing medical marijuana a top priority in the legislature. If the bill makes it to his desk, he is likely to sign it. By executive order, the governor made it legal for some people with serious medical conditions to have cannabis last year. Reforms went into effect on January 1, letting people with a note from a doctor buy cannabis legally in another state and keep up to eight ounces of it for medical purposes.

The Senate Licensing and Occupations Committee approved the bill. The committee added a change to the bill that lets employers “evaluate an employee’s level of impairment” if they have a medical cannabis card.

When lawmakers get back together later this month for the last two days of this year’s legislative session, the House is expected to vote on the bill.

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