Hempcrete Approved

Hempcrete Has Been Approved for U.S Residential Construction

Hempcrete, a carbon-sequestering fibrous insulation material made from hemp stalk hurds and lime, has been approved for the U.S. residential building code by the International Code Council (ICC).

According to Hempbuild Magazine, the approval “will make it easier for building departments to review plans for permitting [hempcrete]. This provides prescriptive guidance for a sustainable option for wall infill.”

The ICC governs U.S. residential building codes for 49 out of 50 states.

Hempcrete is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly material that can be used to insulate homes, offices, and other buildings. The material is also fire-resistant and has high acoustic absorption properties.

Hempcrete is a material that is becoming more popular in-home construction but is not yet allowed for commercial projects. The International Building Code (IBC) governs any occupancies not covered by the IRC, and that officials are set to renew the IBC in 2025. This would allow hempcrete to be used in commercial projects at that time. 

According to Ganjapeneur, this material has been used in France and more recently in Canada however federal hemp prohibition in the U.S has kept it out of official building codes. The U.S legalized hemp at the national level in 2018.

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