Germany Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis A Landmark Move in European Drug Policy

Germany Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis A Landmark Move in European Drug Policy

Germany has made history by becoming the third European Union country to legalize adult-use cannabis, following a decisive vote in the Bundestag, the country’s lower parliamentary body. The Cannabis Act was approved with a 407-226 vote, according to the Associated Press.

Starting April 1, cannabis possession by adults aged 18 or older will be legal. This aligns with the prediction made earlier this year by German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. Under the new law, adults will also have the right to cultivate up to three cannabis plants at home for personal use.

From July 1, adults will have the option to join nonprofit “cannabis clubs,” which will have permission to cultivate cannabis for their members. However, these clubs will be subject to limitations, with a maximum membership of 500 individuals per club. Additionally, individuals will be restricted from enrolling in multiple clubs simultaneously. Club members will be allowed to purchase up to 25 grams of cannabis per day or a maximum of 50 grams per month. This monthly limit is reduced to 30 grams for individuals under 21 years old.

To ensure the safety of communities, clubs will not be permitted to operate near schools, playgrounds, or sports facilities, as reported.

The enactment of this legalization policy is attributed to Germany’s coalition government, led by the Greens, the Social Democrat Party, and the Liberals. With Germany boasting the largest economy in the EU, the move is anticipated to set a precedent for other member nations. Notably, cannabis is already legal in Malta and Luxembourg.

The legalization of adult-use cannabis in Germany signifies a significant shift in European drug policy and marks a milestone in the global cannabis movement.

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