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Few Medical Cannabis Applications in AL Received

Alabama Receives Few Medical Marijuana Applications as Deadline Closes

The deadline for business applications for Alabama’s medical cannabis program was Dec. 30, but few people applied, CBS 42 reports.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission received 607 requests for dispensary applications, which are due Friday. As of late last week, AMCC Director John McMillan says they received just one application.

McMillan is astonished by the few applications. “Personally, I had thought we would start getting more in like the end of last week. But that wasn’t ’cause I know anything, just a wild guess that people would try to get them in before Christmas,” McMillan stated.

McMillan said the 2021 law requires substantial industry norms and regulations. The commission hasn’t received any complaints, he says.

Officials received 607 applications for the state’s 25 medical cannabis licenses.

  • 12 licenses for medical cannabis cultivators
  • 4 medical cannabis processor licenses
  • 4 medical cannabis dispensary licenses
  • 5 licenses for integrated medical cannabis facilities

After the deadline, officials will need a few months to think about what to do. Licenses are expected to be given starting June 12, according to a report by Ganjapreneur.

Alabama’s medical cannabis program passed in May. The program does not allow smoking or vaping, but patients can receive “tablets, capsules, tinctures, or gel cubes for oral use; gels, oils or creams for topical use, or suppositories, transdermal patches, nebulizers, or liquids or oils for use in an inhaler.” Patients can only possess “70 daily dosages” of medical marijuana.

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