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Connecticut Allows Home Cannabis Cultivation for Adults

Connecticut Allows Home Cannabis Cultivation for Adults

Adults aged 21 and older in Connecticut can legally grow their own marijuana plants for personal use, marking another milestone in the state’s cannabis legalization journey. The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) recently published a notice outlining the rules and emphasizing responsible cultivation.

Here are the key details about the home cultivation laws under the broader legalization legislation signed by Governor Ned Lamont in 2021:

  • Adults can grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use, with only three of them allowed to be mature plants.
  • The household limit, regardless of the number of adults living together, is set at a maximum of 12 plants.
  • Cultivation must take place indoors, away from public view, and in a secure location inaccessible to minors and pets.
  • After harvesting, adults are advised to store the cannabis in child-resistant packaging to ensure safety.
  • The home cultivation option initially became available to medical cannabis patients in October 2021, and now all adult consumers over 21 can enjoy this privilege.

DCP Commissioner Bryan Cafferelli urged individuals who choose to grow their own cannabis to follow safe and healthy gardening practices for the products they intend to consume.

This new opportunity for home cultivation comes approximately six months after Connecticut’s first adult-use cannabis retailers opened their doors. The recreational market has been rapidly expanding, with sales surpassing medical cannabis purchases for the first time in May.

Governor Lamont recently signed a marijuana omnibus bill, introducing various reforms, including off-site event permits for marijuana retailers, restrictions on intoxicating hemp-derived products, and the establishment of the Office of the Cannabis Ombudsman. The bill also aims to define edible cannabis products and revise the rules for the state’s marijuana business licensing lottery system.

As Connecticut continues to advance its cannabis policies, the home cultivation option allows adults to have more control over their cannabis consumption while adhering to responsible practices to ensure a safe and thriving cannabis culture in the state.

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