Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Resets License Application Process Amid Lawsuits

Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Resets License Application Process Amid Lawsuits

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) recently approved new rules to reset the state’s license application process, marking the third such reset. Under these revised rules, existing applications will be reevaluated, and applicants will now have an opportunity to make a public presentation to the commission, explaining why they should be granted a license.

This decision to reset the licensing process comes in the midst of several ongoing lawsuits concerning Alabama’s medical cannabis licensing procedures. One lawsuit alleges that the AMCC failed to adhere to the state’s open meetings law, while another, filed by Medalla LLC, claims that the AMCC unfairly defamed the company when their evaluations inaccurately implied that one of Medalla’s owners or senior directors had a criminal record.

An additional lawsuit from Verano Holdings challenged the AMCC’s authority to initially issue, and then later revoke, a medical cannabis license. However, this particular lawsuit was recently dismissed by a Montgomery County Circuit Court judge.

Rex Vaughn, Chairman of the Commission, described the recent rule changes as a “kind of a reset.” He stated, “We think we have a process to move forward, not ditching what we’ve already done but making use of it as best as possible.”

The AMCC aims to complete the evaluation process and award licenses by the end of the year. This move towards resolution will help ensure that the medical cannabis program in Alabama can continue to develop and serve the needs of patients in the state.

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