May 18-19, 2019| CV Expo | Essex Junction, VT




Larisa E. Bolivar, M.A., has over 17 years of cannabis-related experience and is a recognized trailblazer and pioneer in the cannabis industry. Noted by the Washington Post as “one of the city’s [Denver] most well-known proponents of decriminalizing marijuana nationally,” Ms. Bolivar has a long history in the cannabis space as an activist, advocate, policy-worker, and entrepreneur. A serial entrepreneur, she is Founder and CEO of Bolivar Hemp Company, a hemp-based topical and skincare line; Co-founder and Managing partner of TCMS Global, a cannabis-related business development and management consulting firm; Executive Director of the Cannabis Consumers Coalition, a Cannabis consumer watchdog organization known for pushing for standards and laws regarding issues such as pesticides use and consumer safety. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Colorado NORML, and is Vice Chair of the National Diversity and Inclusion Alliance (NDICA), a Los Angeles based nonprofit that works with groups most impacted by the war on drugs to create ownership and empower workers to develop a more inclusive and diverse cannabis industry.

1:45PM |  Tax-and-Regulate Startup Lessons From Legal States

Join a panel of experts with in-depth knowledge of the adult-use cannabis industry in legal states around the country as they talk about the process of going from an exclusively medical to a fully taxed and regulated market. They’ll offer firsthand insights into the opportunities and pitfalls inherent in a nascent legal industry.

Speakers: Jeremy Shaw, Vicente Sederberg; Chris Walsh, Grassroots Vermont; Aaron Bluse, Altitude Organic Vermont; Victoria Veldon, Seven Leaf Organics

2:30PM | LIVE DEMO: Securing Your Cannabis Crop

Jesse Harper, Vermont Security

2:45PM  |  Using Cannabis for Medical and Therapeutic Purposes

This panel of distinguished medical experts will share information about the therapeutic use of cannabinoids and other compounds found in the cannabis plant. Learn how the plant’s synergistic botany works in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system to treat various ailments, and get insider information on new developments in the medical cannabis industry.

Speakers: Jessilyn Dolan, R.N., Vermont Cannabis Nurses’ Association

3:45PM  | Hobby Growing, Commercial Cultivation, and Outdoor Gardening

Share in the wealth of decades of growing wisdom from this panel of master cultivators. They’ll speak to the needs of commercial grow operations, and offer tips and techniques for cultivators operating both outdoors and indoors.

Speakers: Spencer Bell, Grassroots Vermont; Kendall Smith, White River Grow Pro; Joe Veldon, Seven Leaf Organic

4:45PM | Professional Services for Cannabis Businesses

Nobody likes taxes or laws! But every business – whether it’s a start-up or well established – needs excellent legal, insurance, and accounting services. The cannabis industry in particular offers unique challenges, with important details that every business owner needs to know to insure themselves against unnecessary expenses or devastating financial loss and damage.

Speakers: Tim Fair, Vermont Cannabis Solutions; Josh MacDuff, Kinney Pike Insurance; Sharon Grimes, Sharon Grimes Accounting




12:00PM | From Soil to Oil: Extraction methods, costs, and options for growers, product-makers, and consumers

How many ways are there to process cannabis for commercial production? This panel will take you from flower to shelf, and talk about potential outputs as you work to create value-added products from your harvest. Learn about techniques, costs, required investments, harvesting, processing, and extraction.

Speakers: Northeast Processing

1:00PM | Successfully Launching Your Cannabis Brand

We’ve come a long way from the late 20th century “bongs’n’thongs” ads in High Times. There are numerous ways to market cannabis, and increasing normalization of cannabis use is lending itself to a wide spectrum of branding opportunities. We’ll delve into industry research, knowing your target demographic, successful branding case studies, the importance of analytics, and the nuances of marketing amidst a patchwork of conflicting state and federal regulations.

Speakers: Beth Waterfall, Elevate NE; Monica Donovan, JAM Creative; Will Read, CannaPlanners

2:00PM | The CBD and Hemp Industry in Vermont:

Challenges and Opportunities in 2019 and Beyond

With regulatory oversight of CBD transferring from the DEA to the FDA, hemp growers and makers are finding themselves in a legal grey area, and the transition will have a multitude of ramifications for hemp-based businesses. This session is intended to highlight regulatory changes, both in Vermont and on the federal level, and show how businesses can best prepare themselves for the upcoming shifts.

Speakers: Kathy Desmond, Vermont Hemp Company; Andrew Subin, Vermont Cannabis Solutions; Nicole Dehne, Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA-VT)

3:00PM | Cannabis Analytics: What Consumers and Professionals Need to Know

Cannabis extraction and analytical testing, while complex, are crucial to creating accountability and transparency in cannabis business operations – as well as ensuring reliable, high quality products. This panel of innovative industry leaders will address staying compliant in the face of changing regulations, and how to navigate the various options available in testing and analysis.

Speakers: Carl Christianson & Keith Griswold, Northeast Processing