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Teamsters Score Another Victory in Michigan's Cannabis Industry

Teamsters Score Another Victory in Michigan’s Cannabis Industry

In a groundbreaking development for Michigan’s cannabis industry, workers at Ascend Cannabis Provisions in Grand Rapids have achieved a significant milestone by voting to join the Teamsters Local 406. This marks the second collective bargaining agreement in the Michigan cannabis sector that the Teamsters have successfully ratified, and notably, it’s the first in the western part of the state.

Peter Finn, Teamsters Western Region International Vice President and Food Processing Division Director, described the newly ratified contract as “a gust of wind before the tornado of new organizing in the state.” He expressed strong confidence in the potential of cannabis industry workers, those who are on the frontlines of selling, harvesting, and delivering cannabis products, to achieve what they rightfully deserve. Finn stated, “They will make cannabis a prosperous, middle-class career. Critical victories like this one keep happening throughout the country.”

The collective bargaining agreement comes with several key benefits for workers. It includes an immediate raise and ensures a 3% wage increase annually. Moreover, the agreement guarantees gratuities for employees and enhances transparency in how these gratuities are distributed. Additional perks encompass guaranteed discounts, seniority privileges, protections against unjust termination and disciplinary actions, improved safety measures for drivers, and an increase in paid time off.

Ellis Wood, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 406, applauded the determination and dedication of the workers who secured this contract. He stated, “These young men and women took on a multi-state operator with billions of dollars and won. They are a critical component of a nationwide fight for a better tomorrow in this craft.”

This landmark agreement highlights the growing influence of organized labor in the cannabis industry, as workers stand together to secure better working conditions and fair compensation. As the industry continues to evolve, such victories underscore the importance of collective action and advocate for the rights of those who contribute to its growth.

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