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Europe's First Legal Cannabis Dispensary Approved for Study in Switzerland

Europe’s First Legal Cannabis Dispensary Approved for Study in Switzerland

Switzerland has created history with the approval of its first legal cannabis dispensary, marking a momentous step forward for the continent. The dispensary, established as part of the “Grashaus Projects,” is a collaborative effort between the Sanity Group and the Swiss Institute for Addiction and Health Research (ISGF). This pioneering initiative has received final approval from Swiss regulators and is poised to revolutionize the perception and regulation of cannabis.

The “Grashaus Projects” are sanctioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) and are set to commence later this year. The primary goal is to conduct an unprecedented study on the controlled dispensing of cannabis to adults. This groundbreaking endeavor will help inform future cannabis regulations in Switzerland and potentially across Europe.

Leading this groundbreaking study is Professor Dr. Michael Schaub, the Scientific Director of the ISGF. Professor Schaub believes that the insights gained from the study can contribute to a well-informed health policy discussion on the responsible use of cannabis. Additionally, the study aims to explore ways to reach high-risk users with mental health problems and direct them to appropriate care centers. This could have a profound impact on public health.

Finn Hänsel, CEO of the Sanity Group, anticipates that the results of this study will have international significance. The company’s commitment to reducing the stigma associated with cannabis and promoting research in the field underscores the importance of the “Grashaus Projects.” The study promises to have a significant impact, not only on Switzerland’s cannabis regulations but also on the global understanding of responsible cannabis use.

Up to 3,950 healthy adults in the canton of Basel-Landschaft will participate in this comprehensive study. They will receive special cards granting them access to cannabis products from the dispensary and will undergo regular surveys to assess their consumption behavior and overall health. The cannabis products offered will meet stringent quality and safety requirements, adhering to Swiss standards.

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