Kansas Survey Reveals Strong Support for Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

Kansas Survey Reveals Strong Support for Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

A recent survey conducted by Fort Hays State University, known as the “Kansas Speaks” survey, has revealed strong public support for cannabis legalization in Kansas. The survey indicates that nearly 70% of Kansans are in favor of legalizing adult-use cannabis, while only 16.9% oppose it.

One of the most striking findings from the survey is that a significant majority of respondents, about 63.6%, said they would be “highly” or “somewhat” likely to vote for a political candidate who supports medical cannabis legalization. Only 14.8% indicated that they would be “unlikely” to support such candidates.

This support for cannabis legalization was consistent across various age groups. Even among Kansans aged 65 and older, 59.1% expressed their support for adult-use legalization. Among Republicans, 60% supported the idea, while a substantial majority of independents (76.1%) and Democrats (72.7%) also favored legalization.

Despite this strong public sentiment, Kansas remains one of the few states where cannabis is entirely illegal. In March, the state Senate tabled a bill aimed at legalizing medical cannabis, disappointing many advocates. Democratic Governor Laura Kelly expressed her disappointment with the decision, particularly emphasizing that it could negatively impact veterans and individuals suffering from chronic pain and seizure disorders.

While the Kansas House passed a medical cannabis bill in 2021, it failed to receive a committee vote in the Senate. The survey results suggest that there is significant public support for changing the state’s cannabis laws, and the issue remains a topic of interest and debate among Kansans.

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