Minnesota House Passes Cannabis Bill, Senate Vote Ahead

Minnesota House Passes Cannabis Bill, Senate Vote Ahead

In a landmark decision, the Minnesota House has passed a bill to legalize cannabis, as reported by CBS News. The measure received a 71-59 vote, primarily along party lines, with the support of just two Republicans and one Democrat voting against it.

If enacted, the legislation would grant adults aged 21 and older the right to purchase cannabis and possess up to two ounces of flower in public, as well as 1.5 pounds of flower in their homes. Additionally, Minnesotans would be permitted to cultivate up to eight cannabis plants for personal use.

State Representative Nolan West, one of the Republican lawmakers supporting the bill, expressed his endorsement while hoping for certain aspects to be clarified in the final version. These include addressing local control of cannabis businesses and assessing the impact of broad legalization on the state’s existing hemp industry.

With the bill now passed in the House, attention turns to the state Senate, where a separate version of the legislation is expected to be considered. If approved, the bills will enter a conference committee to reconcile differences and finalize the language. A final vote is anticipated before the end of the legislative session next month.

Governor Tim Walz, a longstanding advocate of cannabis legalization, has expressed his support for the bill and intends to sign it into law if it successfully clears the legislative process. This development signals a significant step towards cannabis legalization in Minnesota.

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