Michigan Bill Seeks to Allow Medical Cannabis Use in Schools

Michigan Bill Seeks to Allow Medical Cannabis Use in Schools

A bill introduced in Michigan seeks to allow students to use medical cannabis at school, as reported by CBS News. This proposal, known as Jayden’s Law, has been introduced in the state for the second time, with supporters advocating for the ability of students to access their medicine without interrupting their academic time.

State Representative Jimmie Wilson Jr. (D), one of the bill’s sponsors, emphasized that the proposal aims to provide medical cannabis pediatric patients with a means to have their medication at school in a manner similar to how others store their medications. He stated, “The same way, whether it be in a nurse’s office or an administration office, they would go up and access their medication the same way anyone else would, and they would go back to class.”

Currently, under state law, students are required to check out of school and be taken at least 1,000 feet from the building to take their medicine before being checked back into school.

State Senator Dylan Wegela (D) highlighted that the bill’s passage would make the day more cohesive for affected students. He pointed out that it is an inconvenience for students who rely on medical cannabis, as they often have to miss instructional hours to go off-campus to take their medicine and then return to school. These students may have conditions such as autism, chronic pain, or epilepsy.

The proposed legislation does not permit smokeable forms of cannabis to be administered on school grounds. Instead, students would have access to products like tinctures and pills. Additionally, the measure allows schools the option to opt out if challenged by federal regulations.

If passed, Jayden’s Law could provide relief and more seamless access to medical cannabis for students in Michigan who require it. The bill aims to balance the needs of these students with the existing regulatory framework, promoting both their health and education.

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