The Governor of Kentucky has Signed the Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Into law

The Governor of Kentucky has Signed the Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Into law

Kentucky’s governor has signed a bill to legalize marijuana, making it the 38th state in the U.S. to do so, according to a report by Marijuana Moment.

The bill from Sen. Stephen West (R) was passed by the House and Gov. Andy Beshear (D) kept his promise to sign it into law. The governor had asked people to put pressure on their state representatives to pass the bill.

Here’s what will happen because of SB 47:

Patients with cancer, severe pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms or spasticity, chronic nausea or cyclical vomiting, post-traumatic stress disorder, or any other medical condition or disease that the Kentucky Center for Cannabis thinks is appropriate can get recommendations from doctors or advanced nurse practitioners to use cannabis.

It will be illegal to smoke marijuana, but patients will still be able to get raw cannabis to vape.

No one will be allowed to grow plants at home.

Patients can have enough cannabis for 30 days at home and 10 days with them at all times.

Patients can only be registered for up to 60 days, and the first visit has to be in person.

There will be a limit of 35 percent THC on marijuana flowers and a limit of 70 percent THC on concentrates. Each serving of edibles can’t have more than 10 milligrams.

There won’t be any sales or excise taxes on medical cannabis. 

The program will be run by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, which will be in charge of things like making rules and giving out business licenses.

There are three levels of cultivators, as well as producers, processors, facilities that make sure safety rules are followed, and dispensaries.

Local governments can choose not to let cannabis businesses operate, but people can ask their governments to change their minds.

Seven doctors and two advanced nurse practitioners will make up the nine-person Board of Physicians and Advisors.

By January 1, 2024, all rules will need to be finalized.

The state Board of Physicians and the State Board of Nursing will be in charge of making sure that doctors and nurses are qualified to recommend cannabis.

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