Florida Senate Passes Bill to Restrict Delta-8 THC and Hemp Industry

Florida Senate Passes Bill to Restrict Delta-8 THC and Hemp Industry

The Florida Senate has taken decisive action, passing a bill on Tuesday aimed at prohibiting products containing delta-8 THC and imposing stricter regulations on the state’s hemp industry, as reported by the Florida Phoenix.

Sponsored by state Sen. Colleen Burton (R), the proposal seeks to outlaw delta-8 products and introduce THC caps for consumer hemp products. Under the bill, THC limits would be set at 2 milligrams per serving and 10 milligrams per package or container. This legislation builds upon previous regulations brought forth by Burton last year, which restricted the sale of hemp THC products to individuals under 21 years old.

Furthermore, the bill prohibits hemp products that could be perceived as appealing to children, including those shaped like humans, cartoons, animals, toys, or other child-friendly features.

State Sen. Burton addressed the Senate floor, emphasizing the necessity of the bill in response to concerns about the potential misuse of delta-8 THC products: “When we passed the hemp program, it was not in anticipation of highly intoxicated, sometimes psychoactive substances being ingested by Floridians. The concerns we have had over the potential misuses of this product I believe has exceeded our expectations. So that’s why we have this bill today to continue the protections that we started last session.”

The bill also includes provisions for a one-time $2 million allocation from the state to the Department of Law Enforcement for the procurement of equipment to test potentially illegal hemp products.

House lawmakers are expected to follow suit and advance similar regulations.

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