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Florida Attorney General Challenges Cannabis Legalization Amendment in State Supreme Court

Florida Attorney General Challenges Cannabis Legalization Amendment in State Supreme Court

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has filed a brief with the state Supreme Court, urging them to reject a proposed constitutional amendment that seeks to legalize cannabis for adult use in the state. Moody argues that the ballot summary is misleading and incorrect, as cannabis remains illegal under federal law.

In the brief submitted to the court, Moody emphasized the need for clear guidance to voters, particularly regarding the potential conflict with federal law. She expressed concern that voters might be unaware of the severe criminal liability they could face under federal statutes if they choose to lift state penalties for cannabis possession.

The proposed amendment, led by the campaign group Smart and Safe Florida, has received significant funding from Trulieve, the state’s largest medical cannabis company, contributing a total of $39 million as of May. Smart & Safe Florida spokesman Steve Vancore defended the language of the amendment, stating that it complies with constitutional requirements and deserves to be decided upon by the citizens of Florida.

The Supreme Court has also received briefs from the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Drug Free America Foundation, both opposing the amendment. The Chamber of Commerce argues that the measure violates the single-subject requirement for ballot initiatives, alleging that it combines decriminalization and commercialization without fully disclosing the extent of the amendment’s focus on commercializing recreational cannabis.

The issue has reached the state Supreme Court after the campaign successfully gathered enough signatures to place the amendment on the 2024 ballots. The court’s decision on the matter will have significant implications for the future of cannabis legalization in Florida.

Critics and supporters of the amendment are eagerly awaiting the court’s ruling, as it will determine whether Florida voters will have the opportunity to decide on the issue of adult-use cannabis legalization in the upcoming elections.

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