NECANN ONline: Return On Investment

September 14-16, 2020 – A Virtual Cannabis Convention Event

Exhibitor ROI

I’m exhibiting at NECANN ONline: How do I get Strong ROI out of the event?

  • Go Big with the Virtual Grab Bag: As part of your exhibitor ticket you received a link to the event’s Virtual Grab Bag that’ll be distributed to everyone at the event. To separate your business from others we recommend GOING BIG: Offer a substantial incentive for an attendee to visit your booth within the virtual exhibit hall. The Virtual Grab Bag lets you customize vouchers, coupons and other redeemables to offer to all attendees. Give an attendee a BIG reason to visit your booth.
  • Strong Virtual Booth Customization and “Sticky” Content: Your virtual booth is an attendee’s gateway to your business. Give attendees a reason to stick around. Post videos, pics, demonstrations and links to keep people “in” your booth. Advertise live-streamed demonstrations to attract groups of attendees. Promote specials through your company’s website/social media to incentivize booth visitations. Think of your virtual booth space as more than simply an opportunity to provide information. Virtual conventions are an opportunity to enage creatively with potential customers, perhaps in ways unavailable at traditional conventions.
  • Have a Plan for Pre-event Promotion: Use your social media channels and industry networks to promote your company’s presence at the event and offer a special “NECANN ONline Virtual Convention Only” deal or similar promotion to give attendees a reason to visit your space. If the offer is substantial, perhaps you can create some pre-event buzz.
  • Engage Session Attendees: At virtual conventions, exhibitors can easily pop in and out of programming sessions and network with session attendees. Review the programming schedule and target sessions with attendees likely to seek out your product or service.

Attendee ROI

I’m attending NECANN ONline: How do I get Strong ROI out of your event? 

  • Search the Virtual Grab Bag: Every attendee or exhibitor ticket includes access to the Virtual Grab Bag. This is where exhibitors put their convention-only special offers. Spend some time in the Grab Bag and use special offers right away or save them for later. Plan your time in the exhibitor hall with a list of special-offer exhibitors
  • 2020 NECANN Cannabis & Hemp Industry Resource Guide: This industry resource offers a comprehensive list of cannabis products & services and can help attendees with pre-event planning by identifying useful exhibitors to visit at the virtual convention
  • Attend the Special Events: Every attendee or exhibitor ticket includes full access to both NECANN ONline Special Events. The NECANN Community Awards Show is Monday, September 14 from 11:00am – 1:15pm (EST) and the NECANN Cannabis Cup is Tuesday, September 15 from 12:15pm – 1:00pm (EST). Both special events are live-streamed and attendees may use the chat features in the virtual portal to network with others in a fun and festive environment.






How does a Virtual Cannabis Convention work?   You participate through your computer using NECANN’s virtual convention platform. To access programming sessions we use Zoom, integrated into the platform and accessible by clicking the session link provided. The platform has an Exhibit Hall with 500+ cannabis businesses exhibiting products & services. Interact with exhibitors in real-time using the chat features within the platform.

How do I network at a Virtual Cannabis Convention?   Within NECANN’s virtual convention platform, access the Networking Lounge and interact with other conference attendees, real-time, using the chat features within the platform. Other opportunities to network include real-time interaction with exhibitors within the Exhibit Hall, speak to session attendees real-time during sessions, attend the special events: NECANN Community Awards Show & the NECANN Growers Cup, both events live-streamed

How do I make this a successful event?  Here is NECANN’s list of suggestions to increase ROI for attendees & exhibitors

I bought a ticket, how do I attend the Virtual Cannabis Convention?  NECANN will send you a link that gives you access to the Virtual Convention. We send the link to the email address you used to register 24 hours before the event begins on Monday, September 14 at 11am (EST)

What are the regisration fees?  Attendee tickets are $45 and exhitor tickets are $250: ticket link here

What do I need to attend a Virtual Cannabis Convention? A good internet connection on your computer and a virtual ticket, emailed to you by NECANN with a link to access the Virtual Convention online. If you haven’t bought a ticket click here

What time zone? All times associated with NECANN ONline are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

What is the refund policy?  All tickets are non-refundable.