Keynote Speaker Announced for 4th Annual Maine Cannabis Convention

The 4th Annual Maine Cannabis Convention is positioned to be the state’s biggest and most comprehensive cannabis business and educational event yet. And to get things started, we’re thrilled to welcome former state senator Diane Russell as our keynote speaker!

>> Appearing on the Main Stage at 11:45 on Saturday, October 6 <<

Don’t miss this powerhouse advocate’s words of inspiration and motivation to keep moving the Maine cannabis industry forward. Get your tickets today!

About Diane Russell

Diane served in the Maine House for eight years where she championed working families, many of whom have been left behind and forgotten in a system rigged for the elite. She was a key leader in reforming Maine’s political system as a long-time champion of Ranked Choice Voting. Last year, she took on the DNC’s out-of-touch Superdelegate system on behalf of Sen. Bernie Sanders, where she delivered a powerful speech about the importance of fixing our broken political systems. Additionally, she used her position in the Legislature to launch and help lead the fight to legalize marijuana with a team of amazing people.

Since 2007, she has been a key leader in the campaign to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Maine. From sponsoring legislation to being part of the core team on the original citizen’s initiative to quarterbacking the People’s Veto signature drive to being plaintiffs in lawsuits to defend RCV, Diane has been there every step of the way fighting for the rights of people to have a better democracy with more choice and more voice.