Introducing Bostoners: Profiles in Cannabis (May 30 – 2018)

Dear TJM Readers,

This new recurring Talking Joints Memo column, “Bostoners,” features cheeky interviews with local artists and creatives about cannabis in their careers and lives.
We’re doing them because despite legalization and evolving tolerance in general, there are still a lot of stigmas to dissolve, as anyone who has been watching as municipalities across the commonwealth ban retail operations is aware.
We’re just doing our part, and you can help us out. If you have a favorite Greater Boston artist or musician of some sort who is open about their cannabis consumption, please drop us a note on our Facebook page.
Without further ado, here’s our first installment featuring comedian and podcaster Will Noonan, who will also be contributing to the Dig as a sporadic columnist starting in the coming weeks.

Have you always been public about your pot use? To what extent?

Other than with my mom, I’ve always been pretty public about it. One of the bonuses of being in the comedy/acting world is that there are so many other people around with serious drug and alcohol problems that “just” smoking weed basically makes you look like a health nut.

What kind of cannabis consumer are you currently? Is there a main reason that you like to get high? How and why has that changed through the years?

I would definitely say I’m a daily smoker, but the amount in a day varies greatly. It could be bongs hits every half hour after noon, or just a small hit off a joint before bed. It varies a whole lot depending on how busy I am, how great the music I am listening to is, and how much my FIFA 17 franchise needs me to be clearheaded. As I get older, I probably smoke a little bit less than I used to. But I have more money for it. Life is cruel.

What are some of your favorite works of art, from film to music, to take in when you are high?

I love a nice film when I’m high, but honestly a video game is where it’s really at. Smoking the right weed and playing the right video game is an immersive experience like no other. I often wonder if when I’m 90 on my deathbed if I’ll look back on the 100 hours I spent playing Skyrim fondly, or as a waste of time. Hopefully I’ll be so baked I don’t give a shit.


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