AP/CBSNews: What to know as Canada becomes the biggest country to legalize pot

Canada is legalizing adult use of marijuana on Oct. 17 and will be the second and largest country to do so.

Here’s a glance at how that might create problems: See video from CBS News.

Some key takeaways from this AP report covering next week’s legalization:

What’s allowed?
“…there’s no limit on how much Canadians can possess in their homes.

What’s available?
“Residents across Canada will be able to buy marijuana online, through websites run by each province.”

Government involvement
A key difference between the Canadian and American models is government involvement. The main federal effort in the U.S. is to enforce drug laws that still treat marijuana as a controlled substance… In Canada, the federal government regulates producers. Canada so far has licensed some 120 growers.

For more about the “Regulation Spectrum” and rules about Impaired Driving and Border Crossing click here.

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