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With no one in the industry able to gather for informational seminars & networking, access to knowledge and discussions via virtual platforms is more important than ever. With that in mind, NECANN is partnering with our exhibitor & sponsor partners to bring you a weekly series of webinars, virtual meetings, instructional videos and educational content, FREE FOR EVERYONE! To contribute to our weekly listings, send your relevant educational cannabis & hemp content as well as upcoming live events you are planning on virtual meeting platforms to [email protected]

5.19.2020 Listings Update

Harvesting Hemp – via IEC Thermo.

Wed May 20th | 4pm
Harvesting Hemp with Special Guest Corbett Hefner, VP of Formation Ag. In this important discussion we will discuss:
– Key takeaways from last year
– New updates for this year
– Key hemp harvesting equipment
– And more. Register here.

FAQ Autoflower Hemp and Cannabis Webinar​ – via Atlas Seed.

Wed May 20th | 2pm
What You can Expect:
• Botanical information including key differences between full term and auto’s
• Ideal planting densities and feeding timing for vegetative and flowering cycles
• Friendly heated debate on direct seeding vs. transplanting
• What to expect in terms of yield and cannabinoid content
• The future of autoflowering cannabis and hemp in agriculture
Facilitating the webinar will be Lancaster Farming podcast moderator Eric Hurlock. Panelists include Atlas Seed lead breeder Joe Ullman, cover crop wizard Steve Groff, and founder New Family Farm Ryan Power. Register here .

Natural Products, Hemp and Cannabis – via Eden Labs.

YouTube Presentation
CEO AC Braddock leads a 30-minute candid conversation on a wide-range of topics including natural products, nutraceuticals, rare-cannabinoids, hemp, and cannabis. Watch here .

Commercial Cannabis Grow Seminar – via Black Dog LED.

Wed June 10th | 2pm EST
We will cover many aspects of setting up a commercial grow flower room including bench design, spectral considerations, and intensity guidelines. Register here .

5.12.2020 Listings Update

Cannabis 101 with Secure Energy – via Unity Radio.

Worcester Radio Broadcast
Watch Secure Energy’s segment starting at 16:00 minutes. An introduction to our involvement in the cannabis industry, discusses implementation of effective, compliant efficiency solutions for cultivators, an explanation of how our team becomes qualified experts, continues our education, adapts to changes in the industry, and provides customers with strategic energy solutions; and offers insight to energy industry trends, including efficiency mandates, and solution implications specific to the cannabis industry. Find Secure Energy here on LinkedIn.

Cannabis Sanitation and Hygiene – via NCRMAcademy.

Thu May 14th | 1pm EST
A webinar event that will cover safety requirements for cannabis sanitation and hygiene. Presented by Alex Hearding, chief risk management officer for the National Cannabis Risk Management Association. Register here.

Cannabis Dominate Online Menus & Text Marketing – via MJ Platform.

Thu May 14th | 2pm EST
In states where advertising restrictions aren’t as stringent, cannabis brands that are creating meaningful digital experiences with their customers are winning. These digital experiences are curated through sleek online menus and timely text marketing. What type of digital experiences are you offering for your customer base? Register Here
Join Raf Sabbagh, Founder of Guru Systems Inc. and MJ Freeway Sr. Account Executive, live Raf will show how cannabis business operators can benefit, including:
+ How online menu experiences can be exciting with Guru
+ How MJ Platform’s business insights translate to opportunity
+ How Guru’s text marketing platform puts your brand in the right place, at the right time

Raising Cannabis Capital: Blackdog LED – via Biotrack

“Supplying the Covid-induced home growing surge” LED cannabis grow lighting is the most efficient lighting for growing cannabis thanks to years of research. Noah Miller CEO of Black Dog LED joins Dan Humiston to talk about the their new hemp LED research facility. He also talks about how COVID-19 is impacting home & commercial cultivation and their current capital raise.

5.5.2020 Listings Update

Illegal to Essential: The Impact on Supply Chain Management – via Arcview Access.

Wed May 6 | 4pm  EST
We’re experiencing an unexpected impact in the cannabis industry, most notably, the evolution from illegal to ESSENTIAL. This has spurred an uptick in sales in some areas and, as such, the supply chain will undoubtedly experience some shifts, too.
With Codie Sanchez (Entourage Effect Capital), Matt Barron (12/12 Ventures), Alex Rowland (NewTropic), and Jack Grover (Grove Bags). Register here.

Webinar: Commercial Production of Water-Soluble THC and CBD Nanoemulsions with High-Intensity Ultrasound – via Sonomechanics.

Wed May 13th | 3pm  EST
Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky is a co-founder, president and Chief Scientific Officer of Industrial Sonomechanics. He is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the company and overseeing applications development. Dr. Peshkovsky received his B.A. in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Columbia University. His professional experience includes over 25 years as a researcher, entrepreneur, product developer, and scientific director, mainly focusing on instrumentation design and process development for the medical physics, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. Dr. Peshkovsky is the author of over 40 scientific papers, utility patents, conference presentations, and books.

Choosing the Right Solvents for Your Application – via Millipore Sigma

Tue May 5th | 1:30pm  EST
In part 1 of this 3-part series we will explain why solvent selection is crucial to method optimization, but often glossed over during development. You will learn about the variety of grades and options available on the market today, and while it may be tempting to choose a solvent based on price alone, this buying habit can actually be problematic for your analysis and final product. There will also be a Q&A.

Medical Cannabis in Texas – via SMART

Thu May 7th | 8pm EDT

65 million people around the world live with epilepsy. Tune in to our webinar this Thursday with the Chief of Revenue Kelly Roland and Vice President Taylor Kirk of Compassionate Cultivation. Learn about the incredible work they’re doing to bring relief to patients across Texas. RSVP here.

4.28.2020 Listings Update

COVID and Maine Cannabis: Important Advice for Maine Cannabis – via Climate Resources Group.

Fri May 1 | 12pm – 1pm  EST

For Mainers working in the cannabis industry as caregivers, cultivators, dispensary operators, product manufacturers, ancillary services provider, or other, the COVID-19 pandemic has already made uncertain times even more challenging. Medical marijuana businesses are deemed “essential,” but many are taking massive hits.
In this free online seminar, legal cannabis experts Jill Polster and Adam Braillard will share critical and timely information about actions cannabis businesses in Maine can take to protect their operations in light of the dramatic social and economic impact of the pandemic. Attendees will learn (Download slides here):
  • What types of economic disaster assistance are available to cannabis businesses affected by COVID-19-related economic impacts?
  • How has the Office of Marijuana Policy shifted its regulations in response to the pandemic to protect companies and patients?
  • How can applicants for adult-use licenses prepare to weather the storm? How will the OMP’s future adult-use license approvals be affected?
  • What special responsibilities do caregivers and dispensaries have to their patients and customers during this time?
  • What best practices can cannabis businesses follow when acquiring property by either purchase or a long term lease/license agreement, during and post COVID-19?

Concentrate Analysis: The LightLab Cannabis Analyzer – via Orange Photonics

Fri May 1 | 3pm EDT

The LightLab Cannabis Analyzer is an on-site cannabis analyzer that can quantify up to 8 cannabinoids. Join us as we demonstrate one of the many capabilities of the LightLab, concentrate analysis! We will be demonstrating concentrate run-mode and exploring several topics including different sample types, result review, accuracy & variability, and more! Register through the link to reserve your spot.

Resources for Entrepreneurialism During a Recession: Is It Smart to Start a Company During a Recession – via Cannaplanners

Web Resource

Is It Smart to Start a Company During a Recession? … YES. We wanted to compile a list of resources we’ve put out over the years that will give you some good tools on simple things you can do to start your cannabis business. Granted, we’re a marketing company, so a lot of these are focused around best practices in building your brand, but they’re important steps in making sure your bases are covered.

Life With Cannabis: A Conversation with Dr. Ben Caplan and Rabbi James Kahn – via Candy and Flowers

Thu April 30 | 8pm EST
Join CED Clinic’s Dr. Ben Caplan with industry expert Rabbi James Kahn of Holistic Industries, this virtual Q&A will address the medical benefits of cannabis, together with a candid exchange around the apprehension of many first-time patients. With TeleMedicine, it’s easier than ever to get your medical card and this event will explain exactly how. Register here.
On Thursday, April 30th at 8pm EST Join CED Clinic’s Dr. Ben Caplan with industry expert Rabbi James Kahn of Holistic Industries, this virtual Q&A will address the medical benefits of cannabis, together with a candid exchange around the apprehension of many first-time patients. With TeleMedicine, it’s easier than ever to get your medical card and this event will explain exactly how. Register here .
Topics and questions that will be discussed include:
+ What are the medical benefits of cannabis?
+ What conditions are cannabis commonly effective for?
+ What types of medicine will I find at a dispensary?
+ What are common misconceptions around cannabis use?

Virtual Education Village Panels on Demand: – via MASSCann/Norml

YouTube Seminars
#1: Challenges Facing Small Cannabis Businesses in the Time of COVID19
Moderator: Grant Smith-Ellis Panelists: Mike Brais (Deep Roots), Andrew Mutty (Beantown Greentown), Ellen Brown (Sinsemilla Seminars), Ed Desousa ( RiverRun Gardens), Peter Bernard (MassSense)
#2: An Afternoon with Rick Naya, the Great-Grandfather of Hybrid Cannabis
Hosted by Grant Smith-Ellis. From Thursday, April 16, 2020 on the MassCann Facebook page.
#3: Julie Ann Mejia Hosts a Discussion with MassCann members
Julie Ann Mejia, of Alchemy League , hosted a discussion of cannabis history with MassCann Members; Kathryn Rifkin, current Director, Bill Flynn, current President, Bill Downing, former President.
#4: Veterans’ Panel with Host Ellen Brown
Michael Goodenough (SweetHeal), Nique Pichette ( Holistic 2 Healing), Stephen Mandile ( United Mass Wellness), Pearson R. Kennedy-Crosby (Sr Vice Commander, VFW Post #3629)
#5: Pearson Kennedy-Crosby hosts a Discussion with Ben Farleigh and Payton McCann of Best Budz Radio
Home grows, igloos and polar bears; the state of cannabis in Alaska. Tune in for tips for the home grower, how to make the most of your igloo home grow/igloo cultivations.

4.13.2020 Listings Update

Chronic Relief: Making 4:20 the time to help those in need – via

Mon April 20 | 12pm – 5pm  PDT

The cannabis industry was built on the giving spirit and if there has ever been a time to harness the strength of the cannabis community, it’s now. Let’s come together to support those facing hunger as a result of the COVID-19.
We have the opportunity to make this 4/20 the most iconic celebration in our community’s history. Cannabis consumers and advocates are looking for a way to connect with their peers on 4/20 and Chronic Relief is the answer.
The event will act as a platform to raise money for charity with 100% of all funds raised via donation during broadcast will be given to Feeding America (501c3). Viewers can expect to see video segments from artists, celebrities, and live musical performances streaming live in a true variety-show format.
Chronic Relief Hashtag: #chronicrelief2020 Sign Up For More Info:

Virtual Ed Panel #2 Rick Naya –  via MassCann

An Afternoon with Rick Naya, the Godfather of Hybrid Cannabis, hosted by Grant Smith. Thursday April 16th at 6pm .

Rick Naya is New Hampshire States Primary Cannabis Activist who has led the way to legalization of medical cannabis in that state as well as in Florida. He has for over a decade issued science and data along with research to help NH become a cannabis medically legal state. He is currently the active Owner and Founder of Anayalated Brands and Allele Genetics and has served on various boards for organizations like A Newer New Hampshire, NHCAN, NH Farmers Cannabis Collective , HLA-Hemp Industry Leaders Association.

Virtual Smoke Session: Recreational Cannabis Deemed Non-Essential via Mass. Recreational Consumer Council:

Do you support your local Dispensary or you still with your local Plug?

How has the closure of rec cannabis affected you? Grab a stogie & tune in to the MRCC Virtual Smoke Sesh as we dive into candid topics pressing our marijuana consuming community.  Check us out Today at 4pm 4/14 & join the cypher.

5 Reasons to Become a Medical Patient – via Berkshire Roots

Live Webinar – Thursday, April 16th at 4pm

If you are a Massachusetts resident age 21 or older, please join us Thursday, April 16th at 4pm for a free informative webinar where we’ll share 5 excellent reasons to consider signing up for the MA medical cannabis program, along with help understanding the simple registration process. We are excited to have Dr. Jordan Tishler, the founder of InhaleMD , present his expert information about the science behind your cannabis experience and how partnering with a physician recommender can provide you a trusted guide to discover the best cannabis solutions for your specific needs

Cannaclusive U: How to Succeed In Cannabis 101 – via Student MMJ Alliance

Cannaclusive ‘s Kassia Graham is teaming up with SMART ( Student Marijuana Alliance for Research & Transparency ) to bring you the fourth webinar in their CannaclusiveU series.

Dasheeda Dawson is CEO of The WeedHead™ & Company and author of top-selling workbook, How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry. She is a co-host on She Blaze, a weekly cannabis culture and news podcast and she was recently appointed to the Doctors for Cannabis Regulation Board of Directors. Sign up at and we will send webinar link 30 minutes prior to start time! Saturday, April 18th at 7pm EST

Patient-Focused Certification: PFC Health and Sanitation Webinar – via Americans for Safe Access

Free Webinar – Friday April 17th at 12:00pm

Health and sanitation requirements keep consumers and workers safe from disease and infection. Each type of operation requires a unique set of protocols. This training will provide information on general types of cleaning, personal hygiene, measures such as social distancing, and guide students through the differences between general cleaning, sanitation, and sterilization. The training includes a review of the different types of personal protective equipment, and when and how they should be used. Students will also learn what to do in the event of a public health emergency.

How to Harvest & Dry CBD Hemp – via Atlas Seed

Industrial Hemp Podcast

On this episode of the Industrial Hemp Podcast , we go deep into the specifics of harvesting and drying CBD hemp, from cutting the stalks to the best way to set up a drying room, plus how to keep mold from contaminating the crop. With two different perspectives, this episode is chock full of helpful information to guide new hemp farmers through their first harvesting and drying experience with CBD hemp.


4.6.2020 Listings Update

With COVID-19 shaking democracy to its core, it’s more clear now that local independent media is absolutely crucial.

Please read & support the AAN outlet near you

When it comes to regional reporting that includes essential coverage of cannabis in New England, DigBoston (and its free Talking Joints Memo newsletter ) has led the pack for two decades, and now they need your help to keep up the momentum through this crisis. Support their journalism! Here are two recent reports of several dozen from this past week: DigBoston COVID-19 Pandemic Coverage

Localized Relief- Feed The Needy With Organic Produce via Disrupt Boston

Local farmers are beginning to harvest and home bound persons are in immediate need. It’s imperative to get the produce into recipients hands in its freshest state.

Donations will be used to pay both farmers for produce and to local delivery persons to connect the organic produce with needy people most in need of nutritious, locally grown, organic produce. In some cases, farms will deliver the produce themselves.

The Real Dirt Podcast: “Living Soil: Organic or BS?”via Mammoth Microbes:

Colin Bell of Mammoth Microbes discusses the benefits and costs associated with living soil and organic inputs.

A top tier product doesn’t sprout up over night. In the case of Colin Bell and the development of Mammoth P, it also took a $1 million grant to fund his research. But it all paid off. Now Mammoth is a growing start up with a huge social media following and a strong reputation built up by thousands of positive reviews by industry growers. With a focus on sustainable practices and organic inputs, Mammoth P is a standout product that gets standout results.

3.27.2020 Listings Update

Twitter Management with Tweetdeck via NECANN

Got the Twitter management blues? There are many tools in which you can get a grip on your organization’s social media and for Twitter that means: Tweetdeck. Learn to find customers, engage with the community and stay up-to-the-minute on the latest news and information. Live on Wednesday April 1st at 2:30pm!

On-Line Certifications and Discounted Pricing Through April 30th via Medwell Health:

MedWell is taking all necessary precautions to ensure your visit with us is as safe and secure as possible during these difficult times. In addition, now through April 30th, we are discounting our MMJ Certification Fee. Initial MMJ Certifications are $175 and Annual MMJ Recertifications will be $150 during this period.

Exploring AuditProHBX, A Regulatory Compliance Tool to Save Money, Time and Liability via Heidolph North America:

It can often be a very challenging task to understand what rules and regulations you are responsible for in a cannabis business. Being out of compliance can be a costly mistake with huge fines or even a loss of licensure at stake.

Hydrocarbon Extraction [The Complete Guide] via Lab Society:

This article focuses on solid-liquid extractions using hydrocarbon solvents and discusses the parameters involved in executing a successful, efficient extraction.

FREE WEBINAR via 3C Consulting:  COVID-19 and the Cannabis Industry: Wednesday 3/25 2:30 EST

Join Nic Easley, Founder & CEO 3C Consulting, talking on the following topics in this free webinar:

Immediate actions should each type of canna business consider taking. How to prioritize and maintain essential operations (i.e., cultivation, post-processing). Policy actions to maintain safe patient access to medicine during mandatory closures. Mitigating employee and customer risks. Identifying costs that are non-essential to your core operations. The current state of the cannabis product supply chain, and more.

Green Cannabis Packaging Series via Contempo Packaging:

The goal of this series is to educate the entire cannabis industry on sustainable packaging practices, while our industry is small, so that we can be the example that the rest of the world follows.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: HOME GROWING  –  via Trifecta Natural Solutions:

John from Trifecta breaks down how to handle mold, mildew and pests on 18-20ft Blue Dream cannabis plants with preventative maintenance using Trifecta Crop Control.
Women in Cannabis Virtual Summit



Women in Cannabis Virtual Summit  – via Heady Vermont

Join us Saturday, April 11th for a full-day leadership and business conference taking place virtually!



Free Advertising Offer via High Green News:

A free month of advertising for any company was registered for a cannabis industry trade show that was postponed
Green Cannabis Packaging Series