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NECANN is excited to announce the winners of  this year’s New England Cannabis Community Awards! Focused exclusively on New England, Our mission is not a “who’s best” contest, but rather a chance to spotlight, elevate, & appreciate some of the people and organizations who have worked hard and done great things for the New England cannabis communities and industries. and we need your help to recognize NE’s brightest stars!

New England Cannabis Community Award Winners



(Winners are in Bold)

Best New England Cannabis Company
Beantown Greentown
Old Man Goodies
Herbal remedies of maine
Sticky Bud Farms
Talking seaweed
Zero Gravity Extracts
Tastefully baked
Green Roots Company

Best Medical Dispensary
Green Roots Company
Honeycomb Farms
Sanctuary ATC
Sticky bud farms
Roots 2 Remedies

Vermont Cannabis Activist of the Year
Julie Gadapee
Timothy Fair
Monica Donovan
Eli Harrington
Bill Lee
Bernie Sanders

Connecticut Cannabis Activist of the Year
Beth Breinan
Dwanye Dor
Brian Cesanek
Joseph Raymond
Kebra Bolden Smith
Luis Vega
Shawn Bazinet
Nick Ayotte
Seth Wakeman

Champion in Diversity and Inclusion – Individual
Diane Russell
Beth Waterfall
Chauncey Spencer
Goldie Piff
Joe Gilmore
Kate Steinberg
Philip Hardy

Scientific Advancement/Achievement of the Year
Chiefs lubricant at sira
Green truck extracted
HoneyComb Farms Dabs
MCR Vitamin E testing
Royal River Botanicals
Hempinc Hemp bioplastics

Lifetime Achievement Award
Rick Naya
Shaleen Title
Danielle McQueen
Valerio Romano
Mike Crawford
Bobby Nuggz
Brian Patterson
Harry Brown
Donny Christan

Best Cannabis Podcast
Blunt Talk
Green Nurse
The Young Jerks
Hawco & Carnell show
In the weeds
Seriously Stoned
Talking Seaweed
Bob Lobel Potcast

Best New England Cannabis Non-profit
Cannabis Community Care and Research Network
Elevate Northeast
Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine
Mass Recreational Consumer Council
NEVA (New England Veterans Association)
Parents For Pot
Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana

Mass Cannabis Activist of the Year
Ed desousa
Joseph Gilmore
Laura Beohner
Mark Ward
Mike Crawford
Shaleen Title
Danny Moore
Bobby Sullivan

RI Cannabis Activist of the Year
Donna Hackett
Bobby Nuggz
Eve Santana
Jordan Carlson
Dave sorgman
Mark ward

Best Cannabis Innovation
Brew in bag hot chocolate (old man goodies)
Dabbin aladdin swords
Howl’s Tincture
MannaSX Vella – Sexual Enhancement Gel
STEM Cultivation STEM Box v2
The Toking Dead comic series
Trella Grow LST

Champion in Diversity and Inclusion – Business
Deep roots
Elevate NE
Homegrown Healthcare
Summit Lounge
MCR Labs
Natures Remedy
New England Grassroots
Tastefully baked
The Healing Rose

Champion in Corporate Social Responsibility
River Run
The Creative Zone
Hippy Chick Natural Solutions
Homegrown Healthcare and Apothecary of Maine
MCR Labs
Old Man Goodies
Urban Cannabis growers association
Zero Gravity

Best cannabis experience (event)
Terprown Throwdown
Maine Homegrown Trade Show
ELEVATE Northeast Community Conversation Series
Boston Freedom Rally
Blunts & Bingo Cannaladies of MA/NE
Community Bonfire
Talking Seaweed’s #YiKES!
Harvest Cup

Best Industry Website
Green nurse
Zero Gravity Extracts

Cannabis Business Leader of the Year
Aja Atwood
Angela McNamara
Brian Patterson
Catherine Lewis
Dabbin Aladdin
Danielle McQueen
Dave whiten
Ed DeSousa

Maine Cannabis Activist of the Year
Brian Patterson
Catherine Lewis
Danielle McQueen
David Boyer
David Whitten
Dawson Julia
Janet Mccalister
Pete tranchmontagne

New Hampshire Cannabis Activist of the Year
Rick Naya
Colby DuPont
Dylan Catino
Forest Steinberg
Heather Brown
Matt Simon
Renny Cushing

Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Adam Souza
Alli Greenberg
Colby DuPont
Dabbin aladdin
Danielle McQueen
Laura Beohner
Noni Goldman
Eve Santana
Jon Aveni

Healthcare Professional of the Year
Dr Dustin Sulak
Dr Peter Grinspoon
Dr Uma Dhanabalan
Dr. Tishler
Jodi Churchill Chapin
Laurel Shepherd
Lisa withrow
Sherri Tutkus
Dr. Staci Gruber

Local Kid Gone National
Shanel Lindsay
Erica Diener
Beth Waterfall
Colby DuPont
Derek Cloutier
Jon Aveni
Page Williams
Danny Danko

Best News/Information source
Dig Boston
Talking Joints Memo
1000 Watts
Heady Vermont
Maine Cannabis Chronicle
Mass Rec Consumers Email List
Sensi Magazine Boston
The Young Jurks
This Week in Weed